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Combining SMTP negotiation, greylisting confirmation and over a billion web sources for catchall intelligence
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Web Source

Unique to Betterfy, we pair SMTP negotiation, grey listing processes and naming patterns with sources from more than a billion websites. Essentially, we are looking for the input email on reputable sources as one more validation point. This extra step is especially important in the case of catchall emails

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Email Pattern

Our proprietary set of email naming conventions provides yet another validation point for input emails. We review each email against out frequently updated dataset to confirm if the input email matches known email patterns for that domain. This extra validation point is an important part of the validation process and output email score

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Real Time Stats

Throughout the validation process, the Betterfy dashboard will update you on the health of your email list. Once the list completes, you can see a snapshot of the overall health of your list as well as valuable information on emails which required extra processing via greylisting and the percentage of your list that match our websource links

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Domain Search

Interested in knowing naming patterns and emails from a specific domain source? Try the Betterfy domain search tool for fast domain level information

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Single Email Verifier

Easily check the validation status of a single email or a small group of emails on the Betterfy platform. For larger lists, we offer our Bulk solution!

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Bulk Email Verifier

Need to verify several (or tens of thousands!) of emails at one time? Simply upload a .csv file of emails and Betterfy will process those emails fast and with added validation intelligence. Receive your results file via email and on the Betterfy dashboard. All results file include intelligence around SMTP negotiation, pattern matching, websources and our unique Betterfy email score

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API documentation

Email Validation API

Use our API to run bulk or single email validation straight on your web and mobile application or develop a white-label version of our web app

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